Link Juice - Understanding and Using Backlinks for Better Search Ranking

You will not want to build another backlink to your website without first reading this book. It dives into the basics of backlinking, best practices for link acquisition, and actionable methods for acquiring quality backlinks.

You will learn about anchor text and why it is important to vary your anchor text when acquiring backlinks. You will learn how to find and use LSI keywords in your content as well as for backlink anchor text. See the difference between link wheels and link farms and why one could help while the other will definitely hurt your rankings.

"We are now in a new world when it comes to link building."

Link building is no longer about acquiring as many links as you can. You need to have quality links leading to quality content. Learn how the methods used by industry experts to help build links and increase search engine rank.

Brian Dean, Backlinko

"Mike has put together an in-depth resource on link building. It takes you from "total newbie" to "link building pro" in a manner of a few chapters. Recommended."

Leonard Kim, Influence Tree

"It doesn't matter if you feel you are an expert or even just a beginner, there is something you can learn from Mike Wood. Applying the methods in this book can easily increase your backlink profile in a Google-friendly way."

Why Backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the strongest signals Google uses to determine where to rank you in search results. High quality backlinks show Google that

Learn everything about backlinks (what they are, the different types, and why they are important).

Determine the best types of anchor text to use including varying your anchor text using methods such as LSI keywords.

Follow examples of link building methods used by professionals to acquire high domain authority backlinks.

Bonus Chapter - 50 SEO professionals give their best piece of SEO advice. 

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - What Are Backlinks

  • Chapter 2 - Types of Links

  • Chapter 3 - Anchor Text

  • Chapter 4 - LSI Keywords

  • Chapter 5 - Link Diversity

  • Chapter 6 - Link Wheels and Link Farms

  • Chapter 7 - Content First, Backlinks Second

  • Chapter 8 - Link Building Strategies

  • Chapter 9 - Wikipedia Backlinks

Bonus Chapter 1 - Nail Your Guest Post Pitch        Bonus Chapter 2 - 50 Shades of SEO Advice

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